How to buy real Baltic Amber

Before you purchase Amber Jewellery 

The growth in online commerce in the past few years has been staggering. It would seem to suit the busy lives many of us live today. Due to this phenomenal growth and the ease to trade online, it’s also easy to sell fake products. That’s not an experience you want. Here are some tips that will keep you from buying fake merchandise.

When purchasing online, you should take some steps to verify the credibility of the merchant. The online retailer should provide you with a safe method of payment such as PayPal, Google Checkout or any payment service provider that guarantees a refund if the item needs to be returned.

If the design of websites is well executed with a great color scheme, rich content, high quality photos, etc., then you can feel comfortable that this shop is reliable.

However, if it has minimal content, flashing ads and banners or makes ridiculous statements, then you might want to reconsider the vendor. 

Here are the key points to be sure of when purchasing Baltic Amber products online:

  • The retailer guarantees that their amber is 100% genuine Baltic Amber. Look for the guarantee on the website.
  • Be certain that the Baltic Amber necklaces for children have undergone tests for safety.
  • Genuine Baltic amber necklaces for children are designed with a special cord that is knotted between each bead,  if the necklace should break, the beads will not scatter. If this occurs, credible retailers will offer to restring the necklace for you at no charge.
  • If the price is really low, that should be a red flag. Amber is becoming more and more rare so online sellers may offer an “inexpensive” version such as Copal. It's important to note that while some of these fakes may look pretty, they have no effect when it comes to aiding relief with the symptoms of child's inflamed and/or sore gums, as they do not contain Succinic acid. 

Here at Baltic Amber Design, we take pride in our business and what we offer our valued customers. We offer a variety of styles, colors and designs. If you’re looking for something different and have an idea in mind, we are very happy to help.  

Our Baltic amber necklaces come straight from Lithuania, their country of origin. There are ZERO pieces of fake amber on our website. Our designs are second to none. Every necklace is hand-crafted by Natural Baltic Amber specialists who have generations of experience in polishing and softly rounding every Baltic Amber bead.