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Pet Owners Baltic Amber Collar Information Download

Pet Owners Manual pdf

Further Reading on Clinical Trials can be downloaded from the list below - Just click on the link...

Amber Acid - natural preparation for diabetes treatment.pdf

Clinical application of preparations of Amber Acid for threatment of pneumonia for newborn.pdf

Correction of energy balance as condition of optimization of immuno.pdf

Correction of metabolic disorders of heart tissues and vascular walls.pdf

Usage of sodium succinate for treatment of acute respiratory -viral infections for children.pdf

Use of Amber Acid and other components of energy balance for treatment of oncological cases.pdf

Further Reading on the Healing Values of Amber...

About the protection of Liver

Amber Acid against Cancerous Diseases

Amber Acid against Diabetes

Amber Acid in Combatting Ageing

Cardio Vascular Protection

Origin & Impact of Amber Acid

Protection of Kidneys

Protection of Nervous System

The impact of Amber Acid on Gynaecololgical Diseases

The impact of Amber Acid on protection of Children

Links of interest on the Web...

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"In Search of the Amber Room"

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