How to use Baltic Amber Jewelery

Amber Necklaces and Bracelets - Do They Work?

For centuries it has been believed that Baltic amber will relieve a child from the fevers and pain. Baltic amber necklaces help children due to amber’s contact with the skin, therefore easing and reducing child’s reaction to fever and pain.

When placed against the skin, the amber warms and provides healing into the child’s system via amber’s key ingredient, Succinic acid. Succinic acid is a special substance that is totally natural to the human body. It works to support the immune system and helps reduce infection and pain. Amber necklaces are a complete alternative to medicines you rub on the gums or drugs that may have side effects to your child.

This information is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. Fevers affect children in many different ways. However, many of our customers have testified to the necklaces and bracelets aiding their children through what can be a stressful experience for both child and parents. 

How to use your Baltic Amber Necklace or Bracelet.

Carefully place the necklace or bracelet against the skin and fasten. It is recommended that you tuck the necklace inside the children's top so it maintains skin contact. It also makes sure there is less of a distraction which can result in pulling or tugging on the necklace by inquisitive children.

It's important to supervise your child when wearing the amber necklace. They are designed for wear and must be in contact with the skin to receive the benefits. Unlike other products they are not for chewing under any circumstances. Parental diligence is of importance. Inspect it regularly for potential damage or defect. 

There are many imitations of natural Baltic Amber which have absolutely no value for pain relief. Our Amber is 100% Genuine Baltic amber

Each necklace has hand tied knots of a special multi-thread string in between each bead as well as the fastenings. If the necklace was accidentally tugged on with significant strength, only one bead would come loose. They have undergone stringent testing.

To keep your amber in great shape, it is recommended that you use a soft flannel cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Gently wipe each bead all around its surface as well as the fasteners. Then carefully dry your amber.

You can keep your amber polished by applying a very small amount of very clear olive oil with a small artist or makeup brush. A Q-Tip also works well. Once you have applied the oil to each bead and the fasteners, use another clean soft cloth to remove any excess to keep your amber in top condition. 

Before purchasing, measure your child’s wrist or ankle making sure you leave a bit of room but not too much making sure the bracelet or anklet will not fall off and is not too tight. Anklet can be put under sock.