Amber Collar Green Sweetie

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Baltic Amber Collar - "Amberpet" - SWEETIE

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Natural tick and flea protection for your pet! Baltic amber dog and cat collars made of genuine 50 million year old Baltic amber. Natural and no chemicals!

Baltic Amber for animals is most effective when it is raw, and has its natural "skin". It has been proven that Baltic amber has the highest amount of succinic acid and the properties are highest with the raw amber, or amber that still contains the outer "skin". Amber experts and scientists determine that raw Baltic amber is the best amber to use for animal necklaces in order for them to be the most effective.

“Amberpet” is a 100% natural, long lasting solution to the problem that is completely safe for use in the home environment and it has a dual action in treating ticks and fleas. Extremely popular in Europe, this sturdy, 100% authentic Baltic amber necklace can be safely worn by dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.

Weight: 7-10g

Length: 25cm

Material: raw Baltic amber and blue acrylic beads

Suits small dog or cat

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