Amber Healing

Baltic Amber – Nature's Cure

Completely safe and totally non toxic, Baltic amber has been the most widely used remedy for thousands of years for healing and pain relief as well as supporting the body's own immune system. This is especially important in children as their own immune system is still in development.

History teaches us that amber has been used as a healing remedy as early as 460 BC. Amber has been known and recorded to have been used to facilitate healing since that time. It was coveted by monarchs of ancient times and is still a major collector's item today in museums because of it's inclusions.

Baltic Amber
Amber helps children with fevers, reflux, low immune system because the substance within Natural Baltic Amber,  Succinic acid, is absorbed into the child's skin and works with their immune system to provide a calming, holistic pain relief that goes back centuries. In providing pain relief, Amber absorbs the natural heat from the skin and in return, helps relieve inflammation.

The best results from a natural Baltic amber (which is the only kind of amber with these capabilities) is with a carefully strung necklace. Amber has to be worn all day, necklace to be taken off only for the night time sleep and nap. Children must to be supervised at all times when wearing an amber necklace, bracelet or anklet. For centuries the impact natural Baltic Amber has had on societies as a treasure and a health remedy is well documented.

There is also documentation by scientists of how amber has been used as an aid when it comes to healing. Amber is also a documented conductor of energy. There are a number of tests you can do to demonstrate this capability. The Greek name for Amber is electron which, translated into English, means electricity.

Amber – An Age Old Tradition

In modern times, many people wish to use only natural products and particularly when it comes to remedies for relieving pain in children.

Baltic Amber has been used over thousands of years as a medicinal with high effectiveness. With no side effects, natural Baltic Amber is the leading choice for parents who embrace the holistic aspect of child care.

The key to the success of any Amber necklace is that it must be composed of genuine Baltic Amber. Amber has been used throughout Europe and Asia for centuries. Beware of other imitators widely available in today's consumer driven marketplace.

So, when your child makes you aware of pain with the accompanying irritability, fever and diarrhea, use our natural Baltic Amber to help combat these symptoms.