Origin and Impact of Amber Acid

What is Amber Acid?

Amber Acid is the product derived via reprocessing of natural amber. It is absolutely harmless material, having especially useful features. It looks like white crystalliform powder with the taste like Lemon Acid.

What is origin of Amber Acid?

During the process of evolution various simple and difficult combinations have been used by live nature for maintaining of the processes of vital-importance. It is believed that Amber Acid was likely to be suitable for the mentioned purposes and it has been used by all live organisms since time immemorial.  Amber Acid even 50 million years ago participated in metabolism of live systems and significant amounts of the present material is being found accumulated in natural amber stone. Any organism today as well under unfavourable conditions significantly increases production of Amber Acid, which allows him successfully resist negative impact of surrounding medium.

50 million years ago due to cosmic cataclysms climate of the Earth significantly changed, temperature was likely to increase rapidly thus these trees of that time found themselves in extremal situation and became to produce the bigger amount of Amber Acid, which used to getting into resin, released by these trees. Other, more developed organisms probably not only produced Amber Acid, but also tried to refresh its deficiency from external sources. It is possible that namely this was the reason of liquid wood resin to attract various insects or other tiny animals. Many of these insects used to sinking within viscous liquid and remained there for ever. A lot of them are perfectly preserved till now. This enabled scientists to find out more than 3000 species of insects, lizards and fragments of plants, living in the Earth some decades million years ago.

Everyday human body produces about 200g of Amber Acid and uses it for its own needs. For healthy organism the amount of produced or acquired with food Amber Acid is sufficient. However under unfavourable conditions, when due to stress or acutely changed physical load, tension within the chain of metabolism occur, output of Amber Acid is likely to increase in line with its deficiency resulting in distress and sickness.

Consequently the situation leads to deterioration of well-being, human body fails to resist negative impact of surrounding medium, disorders occur together with interruption of functionality of different systems of human body. Thus Amber Acid comes to the rescue.


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