About Us

Welcome to Baltic Amber Design: Unveiling the Beauty of Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber Design is a family run business based in Co. Meath and is the leading supplier of Baltic Amber products to customers in the wholesale & retail jewellery sector in Ireland as well as being the No. 1 online retailer in Ireland.

We offer a wide range of quality, hand-crafted Baltic Amber, sterling silver mounted Baltic Amber and pure Baltic Amber jewellery for adults, children and even pets. Our extensive range of products include Baltic Amber Bracelets, Baltic Amber Necklaces, Baltic Amber Earrings, Baltic amber Pendants, Baltic Amber Rings, Baltic Amber Brooches and many more!

We also stock a range of Baltic amber products for pets. You may be surprised by some of the brilliant properties of Baltic amber when it comes to the care of your family pets, especially at times of the year when ticks become a problem.

Baltic Amber has been a mainstay in cultures and traditions throughout Europe for centuries now. Historically, its documented appeal over thousands of years is wide-ranging and far-reaching.

In recent times, Amber has undergone many clinical trials, particularly at the Institute of Theoretic and Experimental Biophysics, which have raised awareness as to the potential for Baltic amber's unique properties..

Each of our beautiful and extensive Baltic amber product range is individually selected by our team of experts which ensures the highest quality for our valued customers up and down the country.

So, whether you are looking to retail our products, or simply looking for a once-off gift for a loved one, here at Baltic Amber Design, we strive to meet your individual needs and to your personal satisfaction.



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