Owners Manuel

1. Measure neck size accurately  

The size of the neck should be measured with a measuring tape so that a finger can still fit loosely in between (with a cat the small finger should still fit)
2. Wearing time
The necklace should possibly be worn 24 hrs and only taken off for a short moment as an exception. For cats we suggest a familiarization time of one week, best at home.
3. When should the necklace be taken off? 
You should only remove the necklace for a short time when the dog is playing with other dogs or running through bushes.
4. Cleaning of the necklace
You can easily rinse the necklace under lukewarm running water.
5. Recharging the necklace

If the necklace should lose its effect, just put it on the window sill for approx. 10 minutes. The necklace will recharge itself through the daylight.

6. This is how the necklace works

Through the continuous friction with the fur the amber is charge electro statically and when a tick jumps onto the dog or the cat it will receive a small electroshock and usually will then let itself fall off again. The static charge is so low that nor the dog or cat; nor can humans feel it!!!

7. Absolutely chemical free

Our necklaces are absolutely chemical free and therefore cannot cause any allergies.

 Our recommendations to the wearing of the necklaces

 The necklaces can be simply worn together with the collar around the pets neck or can be wrapped around the collar.

Please note the following safety instructions

 The necklace should be removed for a short moment when:

Your dog is playing with other dogs because the necklace could be damaged easily.

Your dog is e.g. walking through bushes or low branches in the woods because the necklace can easily be torn off.

The effect against ticks is not lost by taking off the necklace for a short moment.


Our necklaces are made in a manner that your dog or your cat cannot damage or strangle itself with it. If your dog or cat gets caught somewhere with the chain it will usually just break open. Although we cannot guarantee this; and therefore suggest taking off the necklace for those moments.

As our amber necklaces are a pure natural product it may happen that they tear e.g. when playing. Unfortunately we cannot take over warranty for this.

Please do not use our necklaces as a usual collar, as they do not have the same quality concerning the tear strength.


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