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Hazelwood & Amber Bracelet/Anklet (HABTA Cognac)

Hazelwood & Amber Bracelet/Anklet (HABTA Cognac)

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Hazelwood & Amber Bracelet/Anklet (HABTA Cognac)

Baltic Amber Design Hazelwood & amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets are handmade from trees grown in Canada without chemicals; Baltic amber comes from Baltic region. All products are made with only the safest and highest quality materials.

Hazel wood has the property of absorbing the body’s acidity through skin contact, neutralizing the excess acidity of the human body. Since many disorders and ailments like migraines, headaches, heartburn, acid reflux, arthritis, osteoarthritis, eczema, acne, skin rash, psoriasis, ulcers, constipation/diarrhoea and dental cavities (if the cause of the cavities is excess acid - which sometimes it is not), are directly linked with a PH imbalance, wearing a hazel wood necklace can help the whole family, from children to adults.

Natural Baltic amber bracelets/anklets have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, which make these bracelets/anklets the ideal solution for parents looking for a natural product for their children. Natural Baltic amber promotes fast healing and boosts the immune system. It aids in the reduction of acidity in the body and fevers. It is also recommended for allergies and eczema. Amber is an excellent natural antibiotic.

All our Baltic amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets string is knotted between each bead if by any chance it does happen to break, the beads will not scattered and become a choking hazard.

Baltic amber bracelets/anklets are not for chewing or internal use and adult supervision is always recommended.

Weight: 2-3g / 0.7-1oz

Length:13-16cm / 5.12-6.3in

Colour: Cognac

Clasp: screw

Style: Baroque

Not suitable for use under 3 year

Please ensure you order your product in the right size.

We are happy to exchange your product, but products ordered in the wrong size will be subject to a €5.00 re-stock and re-postage fee.

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